# NTL has become a local partner of a BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) project in Guntur area for producing cotton.

# All manufacturing units have zero effluent discharge policy

  • Fully automated and state of the art Effluent Treatment Plant at Chandole fabric processing unit.

  • Biological treatment of effluent followed by reverse osmosis process to recycle 90% of the water used.

  • Sewage treatments plants at all manufacturing units.

# Caustic Recovery Plant at Chandole processing unit for recovering caustic soda.

# At least one-third of the factory area at each of the units is 'green'.

# All equipments are energy efficient; continuous monitoring and reduction of power consumption in different areas.

# Continuous processing equipments are fitted with heat exchangers to save energy.

# Husk is used as fuel for Boiler.

# Achieved the OEKOTEX certification declaring non-usage of banned dyes and chemicals for Chandole unit.