# The stringent quality measures start at Kapas procurement. Our experienced Kappas procurement team personally visits the fields to pick the right quality of raw material.

# Edlapadu unit has the HVI USTER machine for testing the kapas and lint.

# Each manufacturing unit has got moisture meters to test moisture levels in raw cotton and baby gins to test outturns before purchase

# The cotton lints are tested just before the use.

# Testing is done at every stage of the spinning process to measure the critical parameters like Trash, Unevenness, Hank, Noil, Stretch, Imperfections, Classimat, RKM etc.

# There is a robust feedback system to adjust the production parameters based on the intermediate inspections.

# The units are equipped with latest quality checking instruments; some of which are following

1) AFIS Pro-Uster
2) Uster tester-4 & Uster tester-5
3) Cascade-2005, Cascade-2006, Cascade-2007 Applied
4) Pioneer- Wrap reel
5) Techno motorized twist tester
6) Techno Yarn appearance tester
7) Statex Trash Separator
8) Premier tester-7000
9) Premier tenso max
10) Uster classimat quantum

# We at NSL Textiles Ltd give utmost importance to removal of contamination from cotton and yarn as well. Apart from contamination segregation manually after opening of cotton bales, we also have a practice of sorting contamination on cotton heap just before feeding it to blow-room machinery line.

# In blow-room lines we have installed SP-FPU(from Trutzscler) a fully automatic contamination sorter for sorting color contamination and PP(poly propylene) contamination. We have also installed Citytex multi Vision or Nestling I-Scan in blow-room lines specifically for sorting out white PP contamination as well.


# Apart from above mentioned practices and equipment for sorting contamination in cotton, each and every drum of our auto-coners is equipped with latest contamination clearers like update version of Uster Quantum 3 clearers and latest version of LOPFE Zenith clearers which are capable of detecting foreign fibres and PP for minimizing contamination level in yarn.


# The stringent ASTM standard of 4 point inspection is followed

# 100% inspection of the fabric produced

# There is a separate Quality Assurance Team which tests the fabric for different parameters before approving for dispatch to the customers.

# A full fledged QC team is stationed in each department i.e. yarn dyeing,weaving and processing to ensure that the defects are identified and rectified at an early stage itself.

# NSL Textiles Certifications:

1) OEKO TEX Standard 100 @ Class 1 standards are used for chemical's testing
5) Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS)
6) Organic Content Standard
7) BCI Cotton
8) INDITEX (Zara) RTM & GTW Audit Certification

# NSL Textiles Lab Accreditations:

1) M&S

# We follow Accepted Quality Level (AQL) 2.5 standard for inspecting garments.

# AQL 0.65 standard is used for Carton audit. 100% audit of the Barcoding.

# A full fledged QC team is stationed in each department i.e. cutting, sewing and processing to ensure that the defects are identified and rectified at an early stage itself.